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Breath (2018)

"Air becomes breath. And then it's air again." 

In out in out in out. Our breathing is the pump of life. Ongoing. Sometimes slow and calm, other times quick and nervous. Life is in our breath. And it starts with our first inhale. It ends with our last exhale. Full circle.

Breath - the series
In each of the works you'll see a black line. Like breath it keeps on going, non-stop, till it's back at its starting point. Creating a closed circuit. Sometimes it's a simple journey, other times it's a complicated story.  

Breath was part of a group exhibition in Antwerp in 2018. It's included in the art book Adem. 

Ready to hang
All works are made with gouache and acrylic on thin silk paper, Each piece comes with a hardwood stick (walnut) and two black pins as hanging system. 


Studio Sale #2  |  Breath  |  2 November 2020


NEXT STUDIO ROUND EXPECTED: 8 November 2020. Exclusively send by email. Stay Tuned!